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Masjid Al-Sharjah Is The Best Place Of Miqat (Wearing Ihram)

Masjid Al-Sharjah Is The Best Place Of Miqat (Wearing Ihram)

Submitted by • about 2 weeks ago - Wearing Ihram is the compulsory ritual of proceeding Hajj and Umrah which can be worn from different places such as Masjid Al-Sharjah, Dhat Irq, Yalamlam, Jufah or Qarn Al-Manazil, etc. However, the best place for wearing Ihram is the Masjid ...

Voice Of Islam

Submitted by • April 29, 2019

Undoubtedly, Islam is a true religion on the earth. It not only tells about the details of religious facts but also gives comprehensive explanation in every walk of life. In Voice of Islam people can achieve the ways of life ...

The Status Of Mother In Islam

The Status Of Mother In Islam

Submitted by • April 15, 2019 - No doubt, Islam strictly orders to give the rights of women rather than other religions in the world. As for as, the mother was concerned, so she has tremendous significance in the world of Islam. Mother plays an important role ...

Origin Of Idolatry

Submitted by • April 13, 2019

Since there is no clearly mentioned about the origin of Idolatry how the people indulged in such unpardoned sin. However, after the Holy Quran, Sahih Hadiths the Kutub Al-Sittah are considered the authentic evidence which explains all the events from ...