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High Pressure Autoclave

High Pressure Autoclave

Submitted by • June 24, 2016

Self-checking system: It can check the sensor is good or not, if there is short circuit or open circuit of the line, if the control panel chip is damaged or not etc. Once there is error or failure, it displays the failure code to warn users.

Venting without pollution: It has two gas bottles. After two condensation, the steam sterilization will ensure zero emission of the vapor to avoid it directly enter into the lab and pollute the environment.

Intelligent micro-computer control system not only fulfills the automatic control during the sterilization, but ensures more safety and better repetition.

Four sterilized modes are predefined for solid samples, liquid samples and agar.

Memory storage system: Users can set up the sterilized parameters.

Saturated steam detection: System can automatically detect the emission of the cold air to ensure the sterilized environment of the vapor and ensure best sterilized effect.

Automatic emission control: It has full emission, micro-emission

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