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ChuckDone IPhone App By Masiar Ighani

ChuckDone IPhone App By Masiar Ighani

Submitted by • June 3, 2013

Who is ***ChuckDone*** ? The kind of guy who slams revolving doors; a man who lights fires with ice cubes – that’s who. ChuckDone is the type who simply knows how to get things done. He’ll even help you annihilate your task lists too.

A rough-and-tumble outlaw, ChuckDone creates to-dos, destroys checkboxes when tasks are completed, and makes running errands and tackling chores an entertaining blood sport – while improving your productivity in the end.

Dispatched to help you decimate duties as your personal assistant, ChuckDone is just as much a legend as you ever thought him to be.

** Easily add tasks and build lists with ChuckDone, and sit back and enjoy the action as those tasks are removed.

** His shotgun blows checkboxes to smithereens; his katana blade slices through with a flick of a wrist.

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