8 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya in June 2024

June is the perfect time to explore Meghalaya's stunning natural landscapes without the bustling crowds of the peak tourist season. The monsoon transforms the state into a lush paradise, with abundant greenery, vibrant waterfalls, and a serene atmosphere. Here are the top 8 places you should visit in June 2024 to experience the best of Meghalaya's beauty.

Start with a location renowned for its record-breaking rainfall, where misty hills and dramatic waterfalls create a captivating backdrop. The monsoon enhances the area's already stunning scenery, making it a popular spot for nature lovers and photographers.

Another must-visit destination is known as the wettest place on Earth, offering a lush landscape filled with waterfalls and flowing streams. The intense rainfall creates an almost otherworldly setting that's a joy to explore.

Experience the unique living root bridges, which are especially vibrant during the monsoon season. These natural structures, formed by intertwining roots, are an impressive sight and offer a unique connection to the environment.

The capital city provides a mix of urban charm and natural beauty. With its cooler June weather, you can comfortably explore its parks, gardens, and scenic spots without the summer heat.

For a different perspective, visit a location with a crystal-clear river. The monsoon rain enhances the river's clarity, making it an ideal spot for boat rides and relaxation.

Discover a small town with breathtaking scenery, where the monsoon enriches the landscapes and adds to the charm of its historical and natural sites.

Finally, don't miss the panoramic views from a spot that overlooks rolling hills and lush valleys, offering excellent trekking and photography opportunities.

By visiting these places in June, you can fully appreciate Meghalaya's natural beauty while avoiding the peak season rush, ensuring a peaceful and memorable journey.