Alright, let us keep it short, simple, sweet and straight-forward. SEO is brief for Search Engine Optimization. Trust us; there is no real mysticism to it. SEO is a measurable, repetitive method used for sending signals to search engines shown in the Google index on your websites.

In essence, Google employs a complicated mathematical formula called an algorithm to show every website and every Google search engine which site should be the most suitable tool for what individuals want.

For the sake of convenience, assume the algorithm like a collection of empty buckets. While one bucket gives you a score for the quality of your site, another bucket gives you a score for how many sites link to you, and a third bucket gives you a score for how people trust you. Your job is to fill up more buckets in the algorithm than any other website.

There are several methods and ways to affect your website ranking and scores. Your website’s search engine ranking can be affected positively by having the highest score for quality of the website, having the highest score in terms of authority of your website (domain and page) and by having the highest score in terms of visitor’s trust and the redressal available for their queries.

However, there is a brilliant aspect to it. Consider there are a hundred buckets. For every single one of these buckets, these scores that put together in the algorithm to figure out where you rank. Now, that is an opportunity for you to fill it up. As scores fill up, the resultant yield is better ranking. So, to optimise your site for search results actually means obtaining highest scores in as many of these points as you possibly can.

Since we are talking about several buckets for the sake of convenience, we need to also make it clear that there are a few buckets that are way more valuable and worth more than all the others put together. Out of some of them, let us address three buckets for now that aid in building up your search rankings

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