ADS-B Receiver – Digilogic Systems

The ADS-B receiver from Digilogic Systems is a JSS5555-approved, ruggedized unit that has been carefully designed and developed to adhere to specific environmental standards. Based on NI Hardware the enhanced product is produced through Digilogic’s experience in making products with high resistance to unfavorable field conditions and implementing improved algorithms.

ADS-B receiver developed at Digilogic Systems is an extensive and multiple functional unit showing aircraft reliable data in a harsh environment. These additional options, namely the GPS disciplined oscillator integrated into the device’s functionality and the possibility of streaming data via Ethernet, will be beneficial for aviation practitioners who require up-to-date positioning information and mutable data formats. In terms of the avionic requirements, whether for ground stations or other uses related to aviation, the ADS-B receiver appears as a solid solution that emphasizes robust construction, innovation, and efficiency.