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Advantages Of Household Small Corn Feed Pellet Machine

Advantages Of Household Small Corn Feed Pellet Machine

Submitted by • July 8, 2019

Advantages of household small corn feed pellet machine
Advantage 1: Easy to store and transport.
Traditional feeds are generally in the form of powder. In the process of storage and transportation, due to the different bulk density of various powdered feeds, grading occurs. There is no classification phenomenon of the feed pellets, which is very good to avoid this, and the pellet feed does not generate dust, and the environmental pollution rate is reduced to a minimum. When feeding livestock and poultry, it is not easy to generate dust, which protects the respiratory system of livestock and poultry. In terms of volume, a volume of conventional powdered feed is only 1/3 of the volume after being compressed into pelleted feed. That is to say, under the same transport, one volume of
traditional feed is transported and three times the pellet feed can now be transported. The powdery feed will produce some dust, which is attached to the four walls of the transport container

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