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Asbestos Testing Seattle – 5 Microns Inc.

Asbestos Testing Seattle – 5 Microns Inc.

Submitted by • June 16, 2020

Asbestos Testing Seattle - 5 Microns Inc.
You may be planning to remodel an older home, or you may be buying one; but for your family's safety you want to make sure to include an asbestos inspection of the home in your purchase and sales agreement. The county/city building department may refuse to provide a permit to perform any remodeling work until an asbestos test and inspection is performed; and will likely require that a licensed/certified professional who can determine the presence of ACBM—asbestos containing building material—perform this inspection. The presence of asbestos cannot be determined simply by looking at the suspected building material; it has to be inspected by a laboratory using a PLM microscope.
The presence of asbestos in building materials is determined by collecting and examining small samples. The number of samples collected per building material is recommended by the EPA. When you are ready to get asbestos testing performed for your home or business, you co

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