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Fast Rescue offers comprehensive training in the transportation of dangerous goods. This course equips participants with essential knowledge and skills to safely handle, transport, and manage hazardous materials according to... Read More

Fire extinguisher training is crucial for workplace safety, teaching participants how to effectively and safely use fire extinguishers in emergencies. This training covers types of fires, appropriate extinguisher selection, and... Read More

Confined space training prepares workers for safely navigating hazardous environments with limited access, such as tanks and tunnels. It covers risks like toxic gases and engulfment, emphasizing entry procedures, hazard... Read More

Advanced Marine First Aid is a specialized course focusing on comprehensive medical training for maritime environments. It covers advanced techniques for managing emergencies at sea, including shipboard injuries and illnesses.... Read More

Advanced First Aid training goes beyond basic protocols, teaching specialized skills like CPR, wound care, and emergency response strategies. Participants learn to assess and stabilize patients in critical situations, making... Read More

Fast Rescue Solutions offers thorough Working at Heights training in Ottawa. Their expert-led program covers essential skills like hazard identification, fall protection systems, equipment use, and emergency procedures. Whether you're... Read More

The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) certification offered by Fast Rescue Solutions equips individuals with essential skills to ensure workplace safety. Participants learn hazard identification, risk assessment, and effective... Read More