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Italian Ice is a delightful and potent hybrid strain that brings together the best of its parent strains. Description: Italian Ice is known for its stunning appearance and frosty trichomes that resemble... Read More

Gary Payton cookies is a unique Hybrid strain named after the legend Gary Payton. Also, This strain is a cross between Snowman x The Y and grown by powerzzzup. THC Level: The... Read More

The Giraffe Puzzy strain is an exclusive collaboration between Doja Exclusive and Seed Junky Genetics that gives off fruity, funky, and floral aromas with an underlying injection of pure sugary... Read More

Backpackboyz pre-rolls are a highly popular and convenient choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a premium pre-rolled joint experience. Known for their exceptional quality and potency, Backpackboyz prerolls pack a... Read More