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Rectal prolapse is classified into two types: 1. Partial thickness prolapse (also called internal intussusception). 2. Full-thickness prolapse (also called external prolapse). Partial thickness Rectal prolapse occurs when just the innermost lining of... Read More

Hernia can occur at different places between the chest and the thigh and depending upon their location, it can be: Inguinal hernia: when the hernia or bulge is present in the... Read More

A fistula will form between the inside of the pocket and the opening where the infection drained in about half of the cases where an abscess has occurred and been... Read More

Sphincterotomy, or fissure surgery, is less painful than the fissure itself. This surgery causes only minor discomfort while reducing the pain and pressure caused by fissures. The following are some... Read More

Abstract. Candy cane syndrome is a rare complication that has been reported in bariatric patients who have undergone Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. It occurs when the roux limb is excessively... Read More

Care Precautions to Take After Fistula Surgery Wound dressing. Do not engage in strenuous activity. If you experience nausea, see a doctor Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Bath with a seat. Do not leave... Read More

Hemorrhoids of grade 1 do not prolapse and remain in the rectum (protruding out of the anus). When a person passes stool and then returns inside on their own, grade 2... Read More

bariatric surgery exclusions Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. You can be under the age of 16 or over the age of 75. Heart disease or severe lung problems in the past... Chronic pancreatitis is... Read More

With proper nutrition and medical attention, approximately 25% of fistulae will heal in 30–40 days. The mortality rate for all gastrointestinal fistulas, on the other hand, can be as high... Read More

Hemorrhoids do not have a set duration. Small haemorrhoids may go away on their own after a few days without any treatment. External haemorrhoids can take a long time to... Read More