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Best customer Service Platform

Customer Service Platform (CSP) is a component of Group FiO’s intelligent CRM, is a crucial piece of the customer experience. After you have engaged your customer with exciting new offers... Read More

Retail CRM solutions provider – Group FIO

Group FiO offers retail CRM Solution Software that will allow you to manage all your orders from multiple sales channels in one convenient location. The supply chain and order fulfillment can... Read More

Group FiO’s Intelligent Open source solutions (iOSS) offers a credible alternative to commercial software in both the size and scope of the business problem you are trying to solve. We... Read More

CRM for wholesale distributors

Group Fio Provides the best intelligent CRM solution for distributors and wholesalers. Our iCRM Software manages customer data and helps to drive more business leads. our intelligent CRM (iCRM) and intelligent... Read More

Loyalty management system – Group FiO

Loyalty Management System is a component of FiO’s iCRM, is a platform that intelligently manages your customer loyalty program including customer purchases and returns, points, rewards, and levels. What sets... Read More

Intelligent CRM (iCRM) – Group FiO

Group FiO offers an intelligent CRM it will help to Interact With Your Present, Past, and Future Customers. Our intelligent CRM Unify customer profiles across any number of channels and... Read More

Best Customer Engagement Platform

Customer Engagement Platform is a component of FiO’s iCRM, helps you engage with your customers through every touchpoint in the customer journey, and is a crucial part of the overall... Read More