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Biomedical Test Equipments

A ventilator tester is a specialized medical device used to evaluate the performance and functionality of mechanical ventilators. These testers are crucial for ensuring that ventilators operate within their specified... Read More

Disposable PEDIATRIC Nebulizer

The Lub Dub Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pediatric Nebulizer is designed specifically for children, ensuring effective and gentle delivery of medication to young patients with respiratory conditions. This nebulizer combines... Read More

anesthesia accessories in chennai

Chennai, a major medical hub in India, is well-equipped with various healthcare facilities offering a wide range of anesthesia accessories. LUB DUB MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. These accessories are critical... Read More

Disposable PEDIATRIC Nebulizer

Ensure your child's respiratory health with the Pediatric Nebulizer from Lubdub Bazaar. Specially designed for young patients, this nebulizer provides effective and efficient medication delivery for conditions such as asthma,... Read More