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Close loop jet cooling – Raga Group

Closed-loop jet cooling: a system using jets to cool surfaces efficiently through continuous fluid circulation. Close loop jet cooling - Raga Group Porosity has two main causes: solidification shrinkage and gas porosity.... Read More

Porosity has two main causes: solidification shrinkage and gas porosity. Gas porosity is the fraction of a rock or sediment filled with a gas (most often nitrogen, oxygen or hydrogen). Die... Read More

Injection System | Shot sleeve – Raga Group

Raga Group is a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Shot Sleeve (Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Machine) of horizontal high-pressure die casting machine during the injection process. Injection System | Shot sleeve... Read More

Core pin cooling | Jet cooled core pins | Soldering Core pin Breakage detection

Raga groupis a leading manufacturer & supplier of products like Jet Cooled Core Pins, Soldering core pin, Core pin cooling, Core pin Breakage detection device etc. Core Pin, Core Pins, Jet... Read More

Vacuum Die Casting – Raga Group

We are a leading supplier of vacuum valves, Vacuum Die Casting and vacuum system. Our Vacuum System has two stage evacuations from shot sleeve & mold. Vacuum Die Casting – Raga... Read More

Efficiently Core cool high-pressure die-casting (HPDC) with our advanced centralized jet cooling equipment, machine and monitoring system for precise spot cooling. Core cool, Spot Cool, Jet Cooling machine, Jet Cooling Equipment,... Read More

Jet Coolers / Spot Coolers | Die cool tube | Jet Cool

Explore high-performance jet coolers and spot coolers, including die cool tubes for efficient and effective cooling solutions. Jet Cool, Spot Cooler, Spot Coolers, Die cool tube, Jet Coolers, Jet Cooler Jet Coolers... Read More