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Our Dumpling House is more than just a takeaway restaurants; It’s a culinary journey through the heart and soul of Nepal. Every dish tells a story – heritage, tradition,... Read More

You can title us as your favorite “Dumpling House” as we serve a wide variety of momos made with our authentic recipes. One bowl of dumpling from our kitchen will... Read More

Welcome to our Dumpling House, where the heart of Nepalese cuisine beats at every bite of our favorite dish – Momo! As a highlight of our takeaway restaurant front of... Read More

Come try our delicious Stream Momo food in spicy momos and bar! Whether you’re dining out or going out to takeaway restaurants, we’ve got you covered. Our menu is packed... Read More

At Spicy Momo House, we are proud to serve authentic cuisine and we are the best dumpling house, with a special focus on the favorite dish called "momo". Originally from... Read More