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Automation Systems Texas | Ignition Software | SCADA System | IIoT

Automation Systems Texas | Ignition Software | SCADA System | IIoT

Submitted by • January 3, 2020

Kymera Systems Inc is an organization specializing in delivering proven, scalable IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions, as well as the design, installation, and maintenance of automation systems. We provide innovative, stable and secure solutions to a wide range of customers in fields such as Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Industrial processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in electrical, automation, and information systems. In fact, our approach to our client's desire to get the best out of their automation assets can be applied to any industry.

Our world-class employees focus their energy on helping businesses meet the challenges of today's new economic realities, such as globalization, competitiveness and ever-changing commodity and energy prices. With an emphasis on cybersecurity, we can either work with your current control and data system to optimize it’s performance or design a new, faster, lower-cost solution to maximize the effectiveness and increase not only the usability and functionality of your control system, but we can also increase your bottom line in the process.

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