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AVG Retail ||, Support, Phone No

AVG Retail ||, Support, Phone No

Submitted by • July 12, 2019

About AVG Internet Security/AVG Antivirus
AVG Antivirus offers protection against malicious Malware including Trojan and viruses. The program detects viruses in your system, repairs infected files and provides an isolated zone for the infected files that cannot be repaired. This helps protect the computer from the files before deleting them. AVG internet security performs does the same capability but also contains an enhanced firewall and an extra layer of Ransomware protection that secures your folders. To know more about these products, you can visit their website or contact the avg support team.

Differences between AVG Internet Security and AVG Antivirus These two programs perform almost the same tasks of protecting a system user against malicious malware. However, unlike the AVG Antivirus, the AVG Internet security has the AVG firewall that monitors outgoing as well as incoming network traffic to avoid unwanted malware on the network. Additionally, the AVG Internet.

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