Best Dumpling House in Gold Coast

Welcome to our Dumpling House, where the heart of Nepalese cuisine beats at every bite of our favorite dish – Momo! As a highlight of our takeaway restaurant front of our best nepali restaurant menu, Momo embodies the essence of what we do best.

Step into our culinary paradise and browse through a variety of well-made momos to tempt your Asian taste buds. From the classic steam momo to the savory pan-fried and deep-fried variations, every option promises a symphony of flavors. Indulge in the aromatic delights of Jhol Momo and the fiery delights of Chili Momo, all available with an interesting selection of toppings.

Customization is key at our Dumpling House. Take your pick from succulent chicken, succulent pork, or healthy Veg seasonings, perfectly paired with your favorite sauce. And for us cheese floor lovers, enjoy! Top your momo creation with as much cheese as your heart desires.