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Your Launchpad to Digital Next
Unlock powerful insights with batch processing. Eficaz technology solutions offer end-to-end Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW).
Launchpad to Digital Next
Eficaz Benchmark
Drive actionable insights with a highly digitized 360° view of your business. Extract key data for consolidated reporting, analysis and dashboard visualizations. Reduce additional code writing and technical intervention with this feature-rich platform. Ensure uncompromised data transformation and quality at compressed time.
Eficaz Features
Eficaz data warehousing solutions by Lera Technologies creates a centralized data management platform that is instrumental in defining data models, data semantics
and profile data, beyond sharing data preparations and datasets. Eficaz DW suite
enables Business Intelligence reporting and visualization, thus offering
a complete framework to accelerate flexible analytics through daily reports
and dashboards.

Key Highlights
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
Built for easy integration
with source systems
Web Based GUI
Web-based GUI
Easy to use, adopt and monitor data without the need to code
New Operational Models
New Operational Models
Capable of using multi-type data like multi-value and sub-value
Multi Format Output
Multi-format Output
Provides multi-type normalized output
to tables, files and/or databases
Easy to Maintain
Reconcile – Validate – Truncate
Database reconciliation, file data validation and string truncation with DWH module
Database Support
Database Support
Seamlessly supports Oracle, MS SQL Server and numerous other databases

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