Bizprac: Bizprac Ultimate Package

The Bizprac Ultimate package is perfect for high-volume residential, high-end architectural, and commercial companies that currently use multiple software solutions for quoting, accounting, employee management, tax compliance, and other essential business functions.

Using separate software packages often leads to frequent data re-entry, which can cause time-consuming errors and increase your staff's workload. Additionally, it results in higher costs due to multiple software subscriptions.

Bizprac eliminates these issues by consolidating all necessary tools into a single, fully-integrated system specifically designed for the construction industry. Developed by industry experts, it meets specific needs such as:

– Percentage-based job claims
– Pre-authorization before invoicing
– Retention management
– Trust account reconciliation
– Holding retention funds for subcontractors

The Bizprac Ultimate package also includes an advanced retentions module, ensuring efficient management of retention claims at all times.