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If you have a Head you need a Helmet or else it belongs to another!!
Safety helmets or Hard Hats are designed to protect the head against falling objects and the side of the head, eyes, and neck from any untoward impacts, bumps, scrapes, and electrical exposure, etc.

Covid or No Covid head protection is a must and there to stay for ever as the Industry needs to work to take care of the economy and thus cannot stop its functioning. But at the same time accidents of such nature are common in the Industry some are reported and some are not but the fact is that Head being the most critical part of the body needs protection all the time.

What Data says?
Statistical data regarding occupational accidents show that the most common cause of head injuries are impacts from falling objects and impact against sharp and hard items. The consequences of such an occurrence depend principally on the kinetic energy of the impact and the shape and hardness of the material coming into contact with the head.

Injuries caused by mechanical factors may affect skin on the head, skull, brain and neck segments of the spinal cord. In extreme cases, these injuries may lead to permanent disability or even a person’s death. However, one must remember that the use of helmets does not eliminate dangerous factors but only reduces the gravity of their consequences.

Industrial Safety Helmets with or without Ventilation is an answer to such problems as it not only protects the user it also helps in saving his / her family from trauma and at the same time helps save the industry from Loss time accidents caused by accidents.

How do they work?
They have a hard Shell which takes care of the Impact, the Inner harness to provide a snug fit on the skull as well as it provides cushioning between the inner of the Shell and the Wearer’s head, Chinstrap to hold the Helmet in place by way of Chin and a sweatband to absorb Sweat while in use. The ventilation ports provide air ventilation across the skull while