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Some of the most popular and famous women's colognes based on consumer reviews and various recommendations are:

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: This cologne is one of the most popular women's colognes with a sweet and floral scent that is a combination of citrus notes, rose, vanilla and patchouli.

2. Dior J'adore: This fragrant women's cologne with a floral and fruity scent that is bittersweet is among the famous women's cologne choices.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy: the best floral, fresh and youthful cologne for women, designed with the aromas of white flowers and sour fruits such as berries and plums.

4. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle: this cologne with a sweet and warm scent that includes citrus notes, flowers and vanilla, is considered one of the most popular women's cologne, besides, it has a reasonable price for women's cologne.

5. Gucci Bloom: cologne with a floral and fragrant scent that has a combination of totonka, jasmine and cassis notes.

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