Color coated aluminum coil price

Color coated aluminium coil has a rich color range, whether it is a residential residence, a large commercial network or a large-scale exhibition center, the color-coated aluminum coil can add color to it. Color coated aluminum coils have provided architects, designers and owners with a color space to achieve personalized exterior walls and ceilings, and it is also the most ideal material for architectural modeling.

Whether it is a multi-functional large building or a unique and creative new building, the color coated aluminum coil can always meet the different requirements of modern and classical architectural styles, and make the building colorful. Products are used in many fields such as electronic appliances, instruments, lighting, packaging, home improvement and so on.

Color Coated Aluminum Coil Price

Put the plain coils in the decoiling machine and let it trough the Material storage tower.(To prevent turn off the whole processing line when we change new coil)
Pre-processing. Firstly through the alkaline water tank to degrease the coil,secondly use the tap water to clean, then the acid to neutralize the remnant alkali, at last completely clean with pure water.
(the temperature is 210-230 degree Celsius).
Add the chromium to passivate the coil and enhance the adhesive strength.
Coat the bottom of the coils with clear varnish or white and gray paint.
Use air cooling system or water cooling system to cool them down.
Drying again.(water cooling system)
According to customers’ requirement to make second coating.
Covering the surface of coils with plastic film.
Packaging with inner paper tube about 15-20mm in thickness.
Sending them to the storage.