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Conditions of Entrepreneurial Women

Conditions of Entrepreneurial Women

Submitted by • January 30, 2020

The Conditions of Entrepreneurial Women and Entrepreneurial Men 1. Entrepreneurial Woman is motivated to open a business because she wants to excel and there is frustration in her previous work, she feels constrained because she cannot display her skills and develops her existing talents 2. In terms of business capital, the entrepreneur man is more free to obtain businessmen sources of capital while women obtain capital from their savings, personal assets and personal loans, it is rather difficult for women entrepreneurs to obtain bank loans compared to men. 3. Regarding the personality characteristics of women entrepreneurs who are tolerant and flexible, realistic and creative, enthusiastic and energetic and able to relate to the community environment and have a medium level of self confidence, men's self confidence is higher than most women. 4. The average age of starting a business is 25-35, while women are aged 35-45. 5. Relatives that support women entrepreneurs are their families

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