There are two prominent methods in hair transplantation: DHI technique and Sapphire Fue technique. Those who are considering hair transplantation are wondering what is the difference between DHI and Sapphire Fue technique, and which one should be preferred. In the Sapphire Fue technique, hair follicles, that is, grafts, are collected from the donor area of the person with a micro motor tool, and then the collected roots are transplanted to the place where there is no hair, with needles called Punch. In the DHI technique, the graft is collected just like in the Fue technique, but the transplantation part is done using a special pen called Choi Omplanter. The common point of both methods is that it is necessary to examine whether it is suitable for processing and technique.

So, what is the difference between DHI and FUE technique? Here are the answers;
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