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A machine used in separation procedures, specifically to separate solids and liquids, is an industrial filter press. The device stacks numerous filter elements and makes it simple to extract the filtered solids, clean, or replace the filter media.

Although they cannot be used in a continuous operation, filter presses can nevertheless perform extremely well, especially when a low residual liquid content in the solid is desired. In marble manufacturers, filter presses are used, among other things, to separate water from dirt so that the water can be used again when cutting marble.

How Does a Filter Press Work?

Filter presses function by pumping slurry into the device so that solids are dispersed uniformly throughout the fill cycle. Solids accumulate on the filter cloth, forming the filter cake. The filtrate then leaves the filter plates through the corner ports and enters the manifold, producing clean filtered water.

Because filter presses use pressure to filter materials, when the feed pump for the filter press builds pressure, solids accumulate inside the chambers until they are entirely full, forming the cake. The cycle is finished and the filter cakes are prepared for release once the chambers are filled. Fast action automatic plate changers are used in several filter presses with larger capacity to shorten cycle times. Some filter presses are made especially for completely automated, round-the-clock use in hazardous environments like mines or chemical industrial facilities.

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