Gong cha Opens New Store In Chicago IL

Bubble tea has become the go-to, leisure drink for many people in Chicagoland. It is quite versatile in the variety of flavors and ingredients available in a bubble tea store and the aesthetics are wonderful and keep fans wanting more. Gong cha, a well-known international premium tea franchise, has just announced the launch of its new store in Chicago, Illinois. The new store is coming up on the Sheridan Avenue.
The New Bubble Tea Store Announcement
Gong cha’s new bubble tea store announcement was made by the company’s Director of Operations, John Malesh. He exclaimed, “We take pride in adding another link or story in our chain of positive experiences. At Gong cha, we have always strived to create happiness in every cup we serve and every heart we touch. As part of that tradition, we take pride in launching our new boba store on W Sheridan Avenue in Chicago.”
The new Gong cha store is coming up at the following address:
• 1139 W Sheridan Ave Chicago IL
Gong cha has over 1800 cafes worldwide, with hundreds in the United States. “And our numbers are growing at a staggering rate. The demand for bubble tea has reached a frenzy level, and we are making every effort to meet this demand,” the company’s spokesperson added.
“As part of our new store launching, we will be giving out Taro Key Chains to the first 50 of our customers at the store. So, make sure to note down our new address,” the spokesperson announced about a limited-period offer.
About Gong cha
Gong cha is known for its almost endless variety of bubble tea, premium tea, and coffee offerings. There are over 600 possible combinations of bubble tea preparations for guests to choose from. Every guest can customize their cup of bubble tea by adjusting the following factors:
• Tea Type
• Milk
• Toppings
• Flavors & Ingredients
• Sugar Levels
• Ice Levels
And more.
Gong cha has been serving a unique bubble tea experience since 2006. Growing from just a single shop in Taiwan to having over 1800 stores worldwide, ther