Grape Bagging
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Usage: Agriculture
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Breathable, Waterproof, Anti-Pull
Pattern: Customizable
Style: Customizable
Technics: Spun-Bonded
size:24*32 24*34 25*36 28*36 28*40 30*40
Custom processing: Yes
Place of Origin: Zhao County, Hebei
Process: Offset printing
Logo printing: Yes
Whether it is in stock: yes
China Supplier
ZhaoXian Huanyang Fruit Bag Co., Ltd."
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The main function of the fruit bag
1. Prevent and control fruit diseases and insect pests. Due to physical and chemical effects such as isolation and protection by spraying fungicides before bagging,
prevent and control diseases and insect pests in the middle and late stages of fruit development, prevent the invasion of pests and diseases, reduce the harm of pests
2. Improve the appearance and internal quality of the fruit. The fruit bag can increase the size of the single fruit. which can increase the vield by 9.3% to 14%.The yield
increase effect of late-maturing varieties is more obvious. Bagging can improve the quality. Fresh foods can be bagged to make the fruit surface clean, bright in color
less hairy and short and tender, and the flesh is fresh and delicate; bagging can promote the uniform coloration of the fruit, reduce the rust spots of the fruit, and make
the fruit dots smaller and dots. The color becomes lighter.
3. Prevent fruit surface pollution and mechanical abrasion. After bagging, the fruit is protected to prevent pollution caused by dust and pesticides directly falling on the
fruit surface and damage caused by mechanical friction between the fruit or with the branches.
4.Greatly reduce the amount of pesticide residues in the fruit. Fruit bagging can not only prevent the pesticide from being sprayed directly on the fruit surface, but also reduce the number of pesticide spraying, so that the fruit surface does not need to be sprayed 2 to 4 months before harvesting.

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