How do I update my ticket on Ethiopian Airlines?

How do I update my ticket on Ethiopian Airlines?
Is it common for travelers to have trouble figuring out how to change their Ethiopian Airlines tickets? To do so, you'll need to book Ethiopian Airlines tickets and take advantage of a range of upgrade options.
To make an offer, you must do the following steps:
• Ethiopian Airlines' official website can be found here.
• To access My Reservations, enter your credit card information.
• You'll probably get a notification after logging in asking if you can submit an upgrade offer with your reservation.
• If you are fortunate enough to make an offer, you can take advantage of the upgrading offer by clicking on the related message.
• Following receipt of the offer, you can enter the preferred pricing based on your preferences.
• You can fill out the form, review the offer, then check your email to confirm the application's submission.
• You can make adjustments to your flight or upgrade at any time before your scheduled departure. However, it must be done within 72 hours.
• You can log in again and go to My reservations if you need to cancel or update something within the 72-hour time limit set by Ethiopian Airlines.
• By following the steps outlined above, you can modify your upgrade offer.
You can simply make changes to your booked ticket. Make sure you follow the steps carefully, and if you get stuck in the middle of the update, please contact Ethiopian Airlines customer service.