How to configure Bellsouth email SMTP Server Settings?

To configure your BellSouth email SMTP server settings, follow these steps: Open your email client or app and navigate to the settings menu. Locate the "SMTP" or "Outgoing Mail Server" settings. Enter the following information: SMTP Server: Port: 465 (for SSL/TLS) or 587 (for STARTTLS). Security: Choose SSL/TLS or STARTTLS (depending on the port selected). Username: Your full BellSouth email address Password: Your BellSouth email password. Make sure to enable authentication for the SMTP server. Save your settings and exit the configuration menu. With these settings, your BellSouth email should be able to send messages through the SMTP server without any issues. I hope this guide will help you to configure Bellsouth email SMTP Server Settings. You can contact BellSouth tech support phone number for help if you are still having trouble logging into the email account.