In this article I would like to let everyone know the Important of Relieving Letter. The intent of issuing the experience or relieving letter is almost the same. A relieving letter is issued to the employee when he is leaving the organization. In simple words, a reliving letter is the documented proof that a person has fulfilled his responsibilities in a certain company, at a certain position, during the specific time period. However, the issue is that most of the employees while leaving the company don’t even think about getting their experience or reliving letter. They are in such a hurry to get their dues cleared and join another organization that they don’t even ponder over the consequences they might encounter due to the absence of experience letter.

Relieving letter holds great significance as it is issued to the employees who serve the notice period. If by any chance, an employee ignores the significance of reliving letter by fleeing the notice period then he/she has to face severe complications in finding other jobs. Where ever you go, every company asks you for the documented proof of the duration you spent in your previous company. Without that proof, no company is willing to take you seriously.

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