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Our Digital Integration IOT consultancy services, tied hand in hand with top technologies, enable customers with a full set of operational analytics, actionable analytics, financial analytics, empowering their operations & business stakeholders.
Industrial IOT (IIOT) / Industry 4.0 introduces for many customers a unparalleled “software stack” of digital transformation. From edge through middleware, security & cloud or on premise. It also has different meanings for each of our customers. What has been “part of life” in the IT side of the house, is in many cases a “generational transformation” to the OT (Operational Technology”) side of business. Our services enable our customer to gap this canyon of knowledge and capabilities, each at his own pace.
Our consultants’ have a unique & comprehensive skill set of data integration: edge, middleware, cloud, applications, tied with purpose built accelerators, and top of the line data & application integration platforms, makes our services best of breed.

We address IOT & Integration at any of the top IOT segments: Semicon Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing, Smart & Green Energy, Healthcare,
Hospitality (Retail), Smart Buildings & Smart Cities

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