MarTech Interview with Eric Williamson, CMO at CallMiner

Eric, please outline how CallMiner views the current state of AI adoption, particularly in the realm of Customer Experience (CX)?
Since ChatGPT was introduced a year ago, generative AI has been the topic of conversation – and for good reason. With the potential to up-end entire industries and how we work, it’s one of the most transformative innovations of our time. But the rise of generative AI also sparked a ‘fear of missing out’ frenzy for organizations, with many adopting or introducing generative AI features into their products without strategic consideration.
However, starting in the last few months of 2023, we saw more business leaders working to balance agility and responsibility when it comes to generative AI implementation, focusing more on driving business value and outcomes as opposed to adopting AI for the sake of AI. This includes thinking about potential risks, particularly for customer service and customer experience (CX) applications. According to CallMiner’s 2023 CX Landscape Report, 45% of CX and contact center leaders are concerned about AI exposing their company to security risks, 43% are worried about the technology spreading misinformation, and 41% are fearful of AI giving biased or inappropriate responses to customers.
These fears are important and valid. While I expect AI adoption to only accelerate in 2024, when it comes to CX, I expect more leaders to weigh the fears, pitfalls and shortcomings of AI in combination with strategic business applications. The outcome will be more responsible and impactful applications of AI that truly deliver value for organizations and their customers.

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