Men's Socks 2024: Trends and Innovations

As a result of its higher breathability, superior capacity to wick away moisture, and six times warmer than wool, alpaca fiber is an excellent material for use in the production of socks and insoles. Your foot will be grateful to you! Alpaca Time's alpaca socks, which range from medium-weight socks to thicker Terry socks, provide greater comfort, warmth, and cushioning than other types of socks, and they will give your step a bounce regardless of the season.The felted insoles sold by Alpaca Time are constructed using a combination of wool and alpaca that is 50/50. The alpaca fiber contributes to the warmth, silkiness, and softness of your boots or shoes, while the wool contributes to the loft, resilience, and "cushy" feel of the footwear. This particular blend of fibers results in an insole that dries exceptionally quickly and has great moisture wicking capabilities.