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Neville Goddard 5 Hidden Secrets To Change Your Future

Neville Goddard 5 Hidden Secrets To Change Your Future

Submitted by • August 4, 2020

Revealed The Hidden Secrets To Change Your Future
Supposing you could actually change future events in your life even though the outcome seemed impossible. Well Neville Goddard taught such a technique. If you were to leave your home today, I’m almost certain that you would have some idea of where your going. If you got into your car and set off on a journey and used a sat nav you would have to input a destination.

I’m using this analogy to illustrate that with a manifestation simlarily it must have an end, a destination. Vagueness leads nowhere.You must be definitive and clear as to what you want.

When it comes to Manifesting Neville Goddard in his many works gave us instructions on the process of changing your future. But he always taught that we should start by going to the end, a definitive end. We have listed below the key steps you need to take:

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