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Fitswaraj #india no-1 Free online Heath and Fitness website to provide Workout Tips, Nutrition, Diet Plan as well as provide some tips for health-related issue like how to maintain cholesterol, Sugar level and reduce stress and Improve Heart health etc.
Swaraj is also a professional Fitness Model and Fitness Mentor and provides training as well as well as influence to people related health and fitness through social platform and website.
He providing some free online programmed Like Weight loss in 8 week, Pure muscle Mass, Fat to Fit, Get in Get Fit, strength Power etc.
Swaraj is a by profession journalist and fitness mentor. When he was started journey as a fitness mentor in 2018 and he is first of all He was made good physics and Through our Knowledge and after then starting journalism, and He is by profession doing a lots of social work and decide to our own social platform and through blog aware the people regarding Health Related.
He faced a lot of problems. Swaraj in her short career faced many problems. No one (news paper, news channel, e-paper) talking about social issue like health, unemployment education and basic needs.
Everybody (news paper, news channel, e-paper) has doing praising and public relation to political party and leaders. After then think about, why can’t aware to people through my passion, social media and blogs. Then I’m he is started blogging .Swaraj ignores all the hurdles and problems, working with her passion for fitness and Media industry. So that people can become aware.

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