Organic Products and Foods Australia

Organic Apple – This means produce that is richer, fresher, and better for the environment. Organic apples have a lot fewer pesticides in them than non-organically grown ones. Conventionally grown apples tend to have very high levels of pesticide residue in them. Even washed apples retain some pesticides – so that won’t do as much good as you think. When something can be considered organic if the soil it’s grown on has no trace of prohibited substances at least three years before its harvested. This means no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. When you are at the grocery store looking to buy apples, have you ever wondered why some are marked organic and others are not? Of course, one would think all apples are organic since they grow on a tree and are a healthy fruit to eat. However, that is not the case. All apples are not grown organically and therefore do not earn an organic label. Find out what it means when an apple is labeled organic and why you should always try to eat organic apples or products made with them.