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OG Software Solutions India Pvt Ltd is a professional Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Development Company. We offer the best crypto trading development services with complete customer satisfaction. Ideally, trading bots are computer programs that aim to make profits by buying and selling different cryptocurrencies that too at the right time. But you need to note that majority of the bots are not profitable.
These bots do generate profit, and the same is higher in the risk adjusted terms as compared to the ones who you had just bought and held.
Quantitative Robot:
As the newly upgraded and improved version of the 3rd generation of quantitative robot, it has successfully solved the problems of the previous generations. Providing a more simple, intelligent, safe and humanised trading system. Suitable for both beginners and professionals to gain profit easily.
How AI Trading Technology Is Making Stock Market Investors Smarter
Artificial intelligence is to trading what fire was to the cavemen.” That’s how one industry player described the impact of a disruptive technology on a staid industry. In other (less creative) words, AI is a game changer for the stock market.
While humans remain a big part of the trading equation, AI plays an increasingly significant role. According to a recent study electronic trades account for almost 45 percent of revenues in cash equities trading. And while hedge funds are more reluctant when it comes to automation, many of them use AI-powered analysis to get investment ideas and build portfolios. Artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformational technology of our digital age—and its practical application throughout the economy is growing apace.

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