Ratan Tata Claims the New Semiconductor Manufacturing Will Put Assam on the Global Platform

Just this month, Narendra Modi ceremonially initiated the Tata group's project and invested Rs. 27.000 crore indigenous "semiconductor assembly and test facility" which was located in Jagiroad, in the Morigaon district which was through a virtual event.
Ratan Tata, who is the notable industrialist and the Chairman of Tata Sons Emeritus has guaranteed and assured everyone that Assam would propel the stale on the global level.
Himanta Biswa Sarma who is the Chief Minister of Assam, has also conveyed his gratitude when he was in a meeting with Ratan Tata as well as the Chairman N Chandrasekaran and has expressed his appreciation for
selling up the semiconductor facility as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has built the foundation of the Same.
On platform X. Ratan Tata had posted. "The investments being made in Assam transform the stale in
complex treatment for cancer care. Today, the stale government of Assam in partnership with the Tala group will make Assam a major player in sophisticated semiconductors. This new development will put Assam on the global map. We wish to thank the Chief Minister of Assam Mr. Himanta Biswa Sarma for his support and vision that has made all this possible.read more-https://luminarytimes.com/ratan-tata-claims-the-new-semiconductor-manufacturing-will-put-assam-on-the-global-platform/