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Restaurants for roka ceremony in Delhi

Restaurants for roka ceremony in Delhi

Submitted by • March 3, 2020

Roka ceremony happens to be one of the most important pre-wedding traditions in India. It is like an official “booking” or “stamping” of the bride and groom. Consequently, it is a sort of informal engagement with both the bride and groom announcing they want to spend their lives together. Earlier, people just wanted a small, warm, personal and intimate ceremony for their roka ceremony. After all, it was considered to be just an event for the closest family and friends. In addition to that, gifts and wishes are also exchanged. However, nowadays people want something new. They do not want the same old boring roka ceremony. Consequently, people now look to celebrate any joyous occasion in the form of a party! After all, any happy event should be celebrated in absolutely fitting ways. So, book the restaurants for the roka ceremony in Delhi now.

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