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Slow Release Fertilizer

Slow Release Fertilizer

Submitted by • September 4, 2020

*All of the materials have been polymer coated to provide 18% slow release nitrogen, 6% slow release available phosphate, 8% slow release soluble potash, 1.2% slow release magnesium, .2% slow release iron, and .06% slow release manganese and .02% slow release molybdenum. Pre-emergent weed control is also available if needed.

There are so many different types of fertilizers on the market today. We have combined all of the best fertilizers together to offer your a special blend with minor nutrients that will keep your trees, shrubs, and plants constantly growing.

We guarantee you will not find a better slow-release high quality plant fertilizer.

Each Pack includes enough fertilizer for:

11 (1-Gallon size) plants
4 (3-Gallon size) plants
3 (5-Gallon size ) plants

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