Smartwool Socks: Why Merino Wool Makes the Difference

Alpaca fiber is ideal for insoles and socks because it is six times warmer than wool, more breathable, and absorbs moisture better than any other material. Sore feet? No problem! No matter the weather, you can always count on the alpaca socks from Alpaca Time—whether you want a medium-weight pair or a thicker Terry pair—to provide the best in all-around comfort, warmth, and cushioning.The felted insoles from Alpaca Time are crafted from a combination of 50% alpaca and 50% wool. Warmth, silkiness, and softness come from the alpaca fiber, while loft, robustness, and a "cushy" sensation come from the wool in your footwear. This insole's blend of fibers makes it quick to dry and highly effective in wicking away moisture.