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There are many categories of Prasanna Jodhidam out of which, I choose to specialize in Shozhli, Thaambula & Deepa Prasannam, where in I can get the total details of one's... Read More

i am Geetu Watts, a Kamashi upasaki based in Chennai, practising Prassana Jodhidam for over two decades.Pranams to my revered Guru Kalidasa Namboodiri, butfor him, i wouldn't be a Prasanna... Read More

She is a versatile personality and very soft spoken with aMulti Linguistic ability. She knows various languages which include Telugu, Tamil, English, Hindi, etc. She has VIP clients hailing from... Read More

Best Prasanna Jothidar in Chennai – Dr.Geetu Watts

Dr. GEETU WATTS is a famous Astrologer in India having wide client base. She is in the field of Astrology for the past 14 years. She learnt Astrology through "Gurukulam"... Read More