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The Best Way To Clean Windows – No Streaks

The Best Way To Clean Windows – No Streaks

Submitted by • February 5, 2020

The Best Way to Clean Windows – No Streaks
Cleaning windows is important – any smudges or streaks are easily noticeable, and no one wants a dirty window. Plus, a clean window allows more light into your home, which can save on electricity. Make sure you get the job done right by using the best way to clean windows.

The Best Way to Clean Windows
Before you start diving into cleaning, you need to remove the initial layer of dust or dirt from the window; otherwise, it will clump together with the window cleaning solution and smear all over the window. Take a brush or vacuum and remove as much as you can.
If the window screen is caked with dirt, pop it out and wash it in the sink with hot, soapy water and a brush. Let it dry before putting it back.
For shades or blinds in the way, wipe down both sides with a microfiber duster or a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.

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