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The Exchange Rates In New York For $1 Are C$1.248

Submitted by • October 19, 2018

Question 14 The exchange rates in New York for $1 are C$1.248 and £.5336. In Toronto, C$1 will buy £.4302. How much profit can you earn on $3,000 using triangle arbitrage?$18.49$19.92$20.10$20.67$21.03 Question 12 The Hong Kong dollar has long been pegged to the U.S. dollar at HK$7.80/$. When the Chinese yuan was revalued in July 2005 against the U.S. dollar from Yuan 8.28/$ to Yuan 6.56/$, how did the value of the Hong Kong dollar change against the yuan?HK$ 0.96/ YuanHK$ 1.06/ YuanHK$ 1.19/ Yuan HK$ 1.26/ Yuan

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