Rise of Mass Transit Systems
Fast forward to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and cities around the world were experiencing rapid urbanization. To keep up with the bustling masses, transit systems began to sprout up like daisies, with buses leading the charge as the backbone of public transportation.

Iconic Designs of the Golden Age
Ah, the Golden Age of bus design! This was a time when architects and engineers let their imaginations run wild, resulting in some truly iconic designs that still make us swoon to this day. From the double-decker beauties of London to the sleek Art Deco masterpieces of New York City, these buses were more than just vehicles—they were works of art on wheels!

Streamlining and Comfort
But it wasn’t just about looks; functionality played a big role too. Streamlining became the name of the game as designers focused on making buses more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. And let’s not forget about comfort! Plush seats, ample legroom, and maybe even a fancy onboard restroom—riding the bus suddenly became a luxury experience!