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Theyyam- While the Gods Take Human Paperwork

Theyyam- While the Gods Take Human Paperwork

Submitted by • September 6, 2018

Theyyam is most well-known which has many mysteries at the back of.It said that the God himself take a form of the performer of the Theyyam. It's far an 800-year-old festival art. Theyyam is an artwork form practiced only in Kerala and that too in a pick out part of its Northern Districts of Kannur, Kasaragod, and Calicut. It is a ancient dance form and a precursor to the more stylized and much less full of existence Kathakali. Steeped in ancient records it's far an amazing combination of the ethnographic impacts inside the Kerala. The Theyyam performances are held in all of the people get their assets collectively and feature it finished one year after year inside a dwindling availability of money and the exaggerated ethical duty of preserving the traditions alive for his or her ancestors and their circle of relatives names.
Highlights: As noted above, mythological acts are the outstanding subject of this competition. Many people get dressed up and paint just like the performer at the

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