UK Sponsor Licence Cooling-off Periods Explained

UK-based companies holding a sponsor licence gain the privilege of sponsoring foreign employees under immigration routes such as Skilled Worker or Global Business Mobility. However, the Home Office emphasizes in its published guidance that the ability to sponsor migrant workers is regarded as “a privilege, not a right.” A company is only granted a sponsor licence if the Home Office is convinced that it is currently compliant or will comply with the numerous duties and responsibilities associated with holding such a licence.

When applying for a sponsor licence, it is crucial for a company to showcase its capability to adhere to sponsor duties and assure the Home Office that it will continue to do so if the application is approved. This becomes even more critical if the company has previously faced a refusal for a sponsor licence application or, more significantly, if it had a licence that was revoked. In such cases, the Home Office scrutinizes a fresh application more closely, and the company must consider additional factors, including the possibility of a cooling-off period.