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Ways to Foster Parent Engagement

Ways to Foster Parent Engagement

Submitted by • June 24, 2020

Involving parents in the education of students is crucial to the latter’s success. Today, schools need to strive for family engagement to create partnerships between the school and home. For promoting students’ success and well-being, these partnerships between the ‘stakeholders’ are important. By focusing more on fostering personal connections, the school and parents can work together to provide the students a stronger support system helping everyone to make better decisions.

Why It is Important?
When parents and families are closely involved in the student’s education system, they perform better. Research says that students with involved parents have better attendance, higher graduation rates, better social skills and more positive attitude than the students who don’t get parental support.

Other than learning and bonding with other students in school, there are several influential factors a student adopts outside the school. These external behaviours can be driven in the right dire

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