What are the ways for debt collection in the UAE? | Alqada

The UAE law is developing itself towards excellence in implementing commercial laws but getting into legal procedures is not much favored for debt collection. This is not just in UAE but everywhere else, that the lender will look for a way or follow an out-of-court procedure to recover their debt. This is most of the time swift, quicker, more responsive in terms of debt collection and costs less compared to the costs incurred in a legal process for the same.

Dubai debt recovery services can help lenders to collect their debt out of the court. A professional debt collection agency acquires all the available information related to the debtor. They then in a very professional way reach out to the debtor on behalf of the lender to remind them of their unsettled debts. Such communication is made only through the telephone and emails. They try to inform the debtor about the possible legal consequences if debts are not paid in time.

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